Power Creates Politics: Poland vs America

Warsaw, Poland

Vice decided to attend Warsaw’s huge nationalist march last November. See the results here.

The marchers included everyone from nationalist parties to hardline football-fan Ultras. Catholic Poland doesn’t seem to have gotten the message from Pope Francis, and the marchers gathered at Mass before hitting the streets. The Church in Poland seems to think that traditionalist rightists will offer more of a future than the Washington-Brussels backed ideology of the Novus Ordo Seclorum. One can only presume that they’ve been keeping an eye on their Western European counterparts.

There was a change of atmosphere in the 2015 march. In previous years, violence broke out between marchers and police. The difference is that the march is now an ally of the Polish state rather than an adversary. The Law and Justice party continues its consolidation of power. It is a Rightist force which is determined to rule, rather than merely to govern. Losing a battle with the American Colonial Office means risking direct rule by a restructuring team of foreign nationals and favoured locals with distinctly Ivy League English accents.

Marchers took notice of the change too. The IR prediction: the march will remain peaceful until such time as “spontaneous counter-protests” (re: counter-protests with networking assistance by NGO’s backed by donors experienced in Color Revolutions) break out against it, at which point police will crack down on the counter-protests while tacitly ignoring the response of the nationalists. The Iron Law in practice.

Washington DC, USA

Jonathan Chait, writer and liberal intellectual, despairs over the resurgence of Marxism in certain left-wing intellectual circles.

Every Marxist government in history has been a repressive nightmare. Marxists — aside from the ones who defend the remaining Marxist regimes — consider this a strange coincidence that has no bearing on Marxist ideology. I recently pointed this out, in light of the resurgence of Marxist thought among some left-wing intellectual circles. In an essay in In These Times, Tyler Zimmer writes what he purports to be a response, but that in fact confirms my point for me.

By the rule of the Iron Law, the resurgence of Marxism would stem from friendliness toward Marxism in certain circles of power. Bernie Sanders continues to make (Democratic) Socialism Great Again. Just as Bernie Sanders acts as a check on the Blue Tribe establishment in DC, there are forces further Left who want to act as a check on his movement. Jacobin Mag seems to be creating their intellectual space, recently receiving massive coverage from Vox.

Of course, much of the Academy has never been able to view Communism-in-Power as anything other than Not-Really-Communism. The Left sees no evil, only misguided and overenthusiastic idealists. The word is still out on whether the few Strasserite National Socialists kicking around will be allowed to create campus organizations to teach how Hitler hijacked Authentic National Socialism.

Marxist reacts against Liberalism’s tendency to ignore the realities of class (and in our day, race and culture) in favor of individualism. As I noted recently on Social Matter, Fascist intellectuals viewed Marxism as the inevitable result of liberalism. Fascism’s mission was to go further, and reunify the entire social order through the health and strength of the state.

Neo-Marxist resurgence is inevitable in an age where civic politics has been more or less eradicated by identity politics. This is because the exploitation of identity politics creates openings to expand political power, and the Marxist banner is an effective method of doing so. Unfortunately for Chait, the historical role of the moderate liberal intellectual has been to be used and then discarded by forces using their toleration to achieve illiberal ends.


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